COINS Ph.D. student seminar 2013 (Stavanger)

WP_000197COINS invited 35 active Ph.D. students in information security in Norway to a seminar, and 14 attended (40%). The seminar was co-located as a satellite event with NISK, the annual Norwegian information security conference under the auspices of the FRISC network Forum for Research and Innovation in Security and Communications. The goal of the seminar was to assemble students in COINS, get them to know each other better across institutions, discuss expectations of students towards COINS, and to elect student members for the COINS Steering Committee.

WP_000195The first day was held at Rica Forum Hotel in Stavanger immediately after the closing of NISK. Focus for the first day was to discuss goals of COINS and how COINS can contribute to better Ph.D. training from the students’ perspective. A panel discussion with three Ph.D. supervisors present led to a lively debate about publications, the publication process, cumulative dissertations, authorship, and job prospects. Simona Samardjiska shared her experience with doing a Ph.D.

Wednesday 20/11-2013

  • 1200-1300 Lunch
  • 1300-1315 Welcome to FRISC/COINS Ph.D. student seminar [Aryan TaheriMonfared, UiS; Stig Frode Mjølsnes, FRISC]
  • 1315-1345 Introduction to COINS and Ph.D. seminar [Hanno Langweg, COINS, Aryan TaheriMonfared, UiS]
  • 1345-1400 Q&A on COINS
  • 1400-1500 “Ask the professor” panel [Stig Frode Mjølsnes, Slobodan Petrovic, Hanno Langweg]
  • 1500-1515 Break
  • 1515-1600 “Lessons learned doing my Ph.D.” [Simona Samardjiska, NTNU]
  • 1600-1630 Presentations by participants (i)
    • Gaute Wangen (HiG): “Working title: Conflicting Incentives Risk Analysis”
    • Simona Samardjiska (NTNU): “On a class of quadratic permutation polynomials over finite fields of characteristic 2”
  • 1900 Social event at Hall Toll near the harbour

WP_000191The second day was hosted by University of Stavanger. early-stage Ph.D. students presented what they intended to research for their Ph.D., those in the middle of their project reported results, shared experience, and raised issues for debate. Discussion of students’ expectations towards COINS was continued and several recommendations will be followed up in the steering committee.

Two representatives for the COINS students were elected as members of the steering committee: Pankaj Pandey and Ctirad Sousedik. Congratulations!

Thursday 21/11-2013 University of Stavanger

  • 0900-1030 Presentations by participants (ii)
    • Pankaj Pandey (HiG): “A framework for comparison and analysis of information security investment models”
    • Mohamed Ali Abomhara (UiA): “Investigation of user scenarios with focus on providing secure and privacy-respecting IoT environments”
    • Kashif Habib (HiG/NR): “Adaptive Security for the internet of things”
    • Dijana Vukovic (NTNU): “Applied Cryptography”
    • Håkon Jacobsen (NTNU): “A new coding-based public key encryption and signature scheme”
    • Ctirad Sousedik (HiG): “Fingerprint presentation attack detection with OCT”
  • 1030-1045 Break
  • 1045-1200 Presentations by participants (iii)
    • Yi-Ching Liao (HiG): “Enhance process tracking for forensic readiness in operating systems”
    • Aryan TaheriMonfared (UiS): “SDN Software-defined networking”
    • Andrii Shalaginov (HiG): “Application of soft computing for information security: an adaptive approach to big data analysis in agile environment”
    • Samson Gejibo (UiB): “mHealth Security and Privacy”
    • Huihui Yang (UiA): “Privacy policies for online systems”
  • 1200-1230 Students’ opinions and ideas for COINS
  • 1230-1300 Election of two student representatives for the COINS Steering Committee
  • 1300-1315 Closing, outlook on 2014 [Aryan TaheriMonfared, UiS, Hanno Langweg, COINS]
  • 1315-1415 Lunch

The next COINS Ph.D. student seminar is planned to take place 13-15 October 2014 in Tromsø, prior to the NordSec conference 15-17 October 2014.

Attending students:
Mohamed Abomhara (UiA), Bikash Agrawal (UiS), Samson Gejibo (UiA), Håkon Jacobsen (NTNU), Yi-Ching Liao (HiG), Pankaj Pandey (HiG), Simona Samardjiska (NTNU), Andrii Shalaginov (HiG), Kashif Habib Sheikh (HiG), Ctirad Sousedik (HiG), Aryan TaheriMonfared (UiS), Dijana Vukovic (NTNU), Gaute Wangen (HiG), Huihui Yang (UiA) +2 master students.

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