Ph.D. courses

COINS endeavours to make existing and future training opportunities available to all students in the research school. Ph.D. training in information security is grouped in the following training areas:

  • Authentication and Biometrics
  • Models and Protocols, Cryptography
  • Secure Software, Secure Hardware, Network Security
  • Privacy, Digital Forensics, Law and Regulations, Security Management
Training area Code & title ECTS Semester Consortium member
IMT6001 Ethics and Legal Aspects of Scientific Research 5 Autumn NTNU
IMT6002 COINS Winter School 3 Spring NTNU
IMT6003 COINS Summer School 3 Spring/Autumn NTNU
IMT6004 COINS Workshop 1 Autumn NTNU
IMT6005 COINS Workshop II 1 Autumn NTNU
IMT6006 COINS Workshop III 1 Autumn NTNU
IMT6011 Introduction to Information Security 5 Autumn NTNU
IMT6021 Foundations of Information Security 5 Spring NTNU
IMT6251 Quality in Academic Research 5 The course will be offered spring/autumn depending on number of students registered NTNU
IMT6261 Scientific Communication 5 NTNU
IMT6271 Critical Thinking 5 NTNU
TM8101 Dependability Analysis of Information and Communication Systems 7.5 The course is taught every second year, next time autumn 2014 NTNU
IKT626-G Main Results and Research Topics in Security 5 UiA
INF348 Selected Topics Computer Security 10 Irregular UiB
INF9011 Science technology society ethics 10 Autumn UiO
INF9150 Unassailable IT-systems 10 Every autumn UiO
DAT920_1 Advanced Topics in Information Security 10 Autumn, Spring UiS
Authentication and Biometrics IMT6071 Biometrics 5 First half of the spring semester NTNU
Authentication and Biometrics IMT6121 Authentication 5 Spring NTNU
Models and Protocols TM8107 Cryptographic Protocols and Their Applications 7.5 The course will be given every second year, on demand, next time spring 2014. NTNU
Cryptography IMT6041 Selected Topics in Cryptology 5 Spring NTNU
Cryptography IMT6081 Modern Cryptology 5 First half of the autumn semester NTNU
Cryptography TMA4160 Cryptography 7.5 FALL 2013 NTNU
Cryptography INF347 Selected Topics in Cryptology 10 Irregular UiB
Cryptography INF349 Selected Topics in Information Theory and Coding Theory 10 Irregular UiB
Cryptography UNIK9220 Introduction to Cryptography 10 Autumn UiO
Cryptography DAT903_1 Identity-Based Cryptography 10 Spring, Autumn UiS
Cryptography MAT-8302 Elliptic curves 10 Not specified UiT
Cryptography MAT-8304 Advanced number theory 10 Not specified UiT
Cryptography MAT-8306 Factorizations algorithms 10 Not specified UiT
Secure Software IMT6007 COINS IT Security Exercise 5 Spring/Autumn NTNU
Secure Software TM8104 ICT-Security Evaluation 7.5 No NTNU
Secure Software INF9530 Foundations of Software Testing 5 Spring UiO
Secure Software INF9880 Ph D Seminar in Language Technology 5 Spring and autumn UiO
Secure Software UNIK9270 Security in Operating Systems and Software 10 Autumn UiO
Network Security IMT6031 Intrusion Detection and Prevention 5 First half of the autumn semester NTNU
Network Security IMT6051 Wireless Communication Security 5 Second half of the autumn semester NTNU
Network Security TM8110 PhD Topics in Telematics 7.5 FALL 2013 NTNU
Network Security IKT625-G Simulation and Performance Evaluation of Computer and Communication Networks 5 UiA
Network Security IKT702-G Selected Topics in Security for Mobile Systems 5 UiA
Network Security UNIK9250 Security in Distributed Systems 10 Spring UiO
Network Security UNIK9740 Selected topics in Information Security in Mobile and Sensor Networks 10 UNIK
Digital Forensics IMT6091 Computational Forensics 5 Spring NTNU
Digital Forensics IMT6101 Computational Intelligence 5 Spring NTNU
Security Management IMT6061 Risk Management II 5 Autumn NTNU
Security Management IMT6111 Risk Management I 5 Autumn : First part of the semester NTNU
Security Management IKT624-G ISO/IEC 27000 Family of Security Standards 5 UiA
Security Management IKT701-G Dynamics of Computer Security Incident Response Teams 5 UiA