Benjamin Chetioui


Benjamin Chetioui

Ph.D. started in: 2017
Expected year of graduation: 2022
COINS consortium member: University of Bergen
Supervised by: Jaakko Järvi, Magne Haveraaen
Links: Cristin
Research area: Secure Software
Project title: Building High-Integrity Software using Property-Based Testing
Project description: As part of the Bergen Language Design Laboratory (“BLDL”, part of the Programming Theory group at the University of Bergen), my particular project is at the crossroads of Language Design, Generic Programming, and Information Security.

We believe that programming languages today do not provide developers with sufficient support in structuring and organizing abstract data types and algorithms, and more generally properly specifying their Application Programming Interfaces (APIs). These underspecified software elements often lead to undefined behaviour and largely discourage code reuse. Undefined behaviour leads to critical security flaws, which can be exploited by third parties with potentially fatal consequences. The difficulty of code reuse leads to more of the former, as well as to further financials costs since development time is increased.

The goal of my doctoral project is to provide developers with the keys to producing high-integrity software, i.e., software that is:
– secure (data can’t be compromised);
– safe (guaranteed not to cause harm);
– robust (can withstand attacks);
– reliable (actually performs as intended).

I focus on generic programming as the foundational programming methodology for such software, using the fully generic language Magnolia designed and developed at BLDL.


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  2. Benjamin Chetioui, Ole Jørgen Abusdal, Magne Haveraaen, Jaakko Järvi, Lenore Mullin (2021). Padding in the Mathematics of Arrays
  3. Mathilde Boltenhagen, Benjamin Chetioui, Laurine Huber (2020). An Alignment Cost-Based Classification of Log Traces Using Machine-Learning
  4. Alessandro Budroni, Benjamin Chetioui, Ermes Franch (2020). Attacks on Integer-RLWE
  5. Benjamin Chetioui (2019). Bitshift Writeup (Sogeti Cyber E-Scape 2019 Qualifier)
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  29. Benjamin Chetioui (2017). Ssi Writeup (WhiteHat Grand Prix CTF 2017)
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