Security Divas 2015

image001NorSIS organised «Security Divas» for the fifth time in Gjøvik, 15th and 16th January 2015. There were approximately 110 female participants from across the country this year. One of the speakers was Sofie Nystrøm, member of the COINS academic advisory board.

Why it is necessary to have a women’s conference is to recruit women to the security industry – both in terms of education and to seek exciting jobs in an industry that will be of great importance in the future (digitization of our society). The conference is to ensure diversity and balance in this industry. To create an arena where women can gather – such as with Security Divas – should also motivate, engage and inspire more women to participate in this industry.

COINS supported Ambika Chitrakar and Yi-Ching Liao to participate in Security Divas.

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