Call for election of Ph.D. students representatives for the COINS steering committee

There are two open positions for student representatives on the COINS steering committee (“SC”). The SC is responsible for all the research training issues and for resource management. It consists of the scientific director, one representative from each of the consortium members plus two representatives from the Ph.D. students.

There will be ca. 3-4 meetings of the steering committee in a year. Sometimes the meetings require travel to exotic locations in Norway, sometimes we have the meetings on Skype or email. Knowledge of spoken Norwegian is not required, ability to read Norwegian considerably eases communication. Participation in the steering committee of COINS is an opportunity to make COINS more valuable to Ph.D. students in information security.

Ph.D. student members on the SC serve for a term of one year and there is no limitation on the number of re-elections. Membership in the SC ends when a new representative is elected, when the Ph.D. student graduates, leaves the Ph.D. programme of a COINS consortium member, or does not show the agreed progression in the Ph.D. programme.

The election is proposed to be held by vote by the COINS students present at the Ph.D. student seminar co-located with this year’s NISK conference in Stavanger, i.e. on 20/21 November 2013.

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