Roberto Parisella


Roberto Parisella

Ph.D. started in: 2020
Expected year of graduation: 2023
COINS consortium member: University of Bergen
Supervised by: Helger Lipmaa
Research area: Cryptography
Project title: Efficient NIZK under trusted assumptions
Project description: Given the number of digital infrastructures,
that strongly rely on communication, it is crucial to design protocols with an
increasing level of security.

The cryptographic primitive, used to achieve those kinds of security standards, is zero-knowledge (shortly ZK) proofs.

The ZK protocols used in real applications, are the so-called ZK-SNARK, however, due to some impossibility result, they are based on very strong and somehow not trusted, assumptions.

The main subject of this work would be to shrink the effciency gap between
SNARKs and other Non-interactive proof of knowledge, to obtain efficient protocols based on trusted and well-established assumptions.

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