Oxford Post-Quantum Cryptography Workshop

Oxford Post-Quantum Cryptography Workshop took place in March (18-22th), 2019 at the Mathematical Institute, University of Oxford, UK. The event brought together the top researchers in the field of Post-Quantum Cryptography for a week of fruitful discussions and exchange of ideas.

During the week, each morning there were two talks on various Post-Quantum fields. Each talk was an overview of the techniques used in each PQ field – lattice-based cryptography, hash-based cryptography, code-based cryptography, isogeny-based cryptography and multivariate-based cryptography – with a dedicated focus to NIST submissions, and their state-of-the-art cryptanalysis. One of the talks was on the NIST standardization process by Dustin Moody (NIST).

The morning talks were followed by (group) working sessions, where teams worked on previously agreed research problems.

COINS supported Wrya Kadir and Alessandro Budroni to attend the Oxford Post-Quantum Cryptography Workshop in Oxford, UK.

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