The 2nd International Workshop on Boolean Functions and their Applications (BFA)

The workshop Boolean Functions and their Applications (BFA) provided a forum for researchers who are working on discrete functions and structures, particularly on Boolean functions, to exchange ideas and interests in open problems, and to further explore their applications in cryptography, error correcting codes and communications.

The BFA  workshop 2017 was held in Os, south of Bergen, Norway during July 3-8, 2017.

Topics included:

  • foundational theory of Boolean functions and discrete structures
  • the design, proposal, and analysis of cryptographically significant (vectorial) Boolean functions
  • the theory and construction of quantum Boolean functions
  • the theory of finite fields and its applications in cryptography and coding theory
  • the applications of Boolean and vectorial functions to FHE, SCA counter-measures, affine extractors etc.

COINS supported three students to attend the Boolean Functions and their Applications in Os, Norway.

Here are their pictures and reflection reports:





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