COINS/SWITS Ph.D. student seminar 2017 (Oslo)

This year’s COINS Ph.D. student seminar will be held in Oslo, together with the annual seminar of SWITS, the Swedish IT Security Network for PhD Students. Wednesday 7 June is mainly planned for COINS, Thursday+Friday are SWITS/COINS.

Registration forms: Registration for SWITS members – Registration for COINS members


Wednesday 7 June 2017 (focus on COINS)

1130 Lunch
1230-1400 Session COINS A: Opportunities in the IT security sector after the Ph.D.
1400-1415 Break
1415-1545 Session COINS B: Trial defence; candidate Kyrre Wahl Kongsgaard
1545-1600 Fika
1600-1700 Session COINS C: Invited presentation: Life after the Ph.D. [Kassaye Yitbarek Yigzaw, Yi-Ching Liao]
1700-1710 Break
1710-1800 Session COINS D: Presentations by participants, 3 x 15′
1800 Dinner
After dinner activity TBD

Thursday 8 June 2017 (joint SWITS/COINS)

0900-1030 Session COINS E
– “I attended an event with COINS funding. Here is what I learned.”
– COINS 2017: Metochi summer school, ESORICS doctoral consortium
– COINS 2018: Finse winter school, Metochi summer school, Ph.D. student seminar and NISK on Svalbard
– Election of student representatives

1030-1045 Break
1045-1130 Official Opening: Welcome, introduction, research group presentations (Chairs: Simone Fischer-Hübner, Hanno Langweg)
1130 Lunch
1230-1345 Session SWITS/COINS I

  • 2-3 parallel sessions with 5 x 15′ presentations each

1345-1400 Break
1400-1515 Session SWITS/COINS II

  • 2-3 parallel sessions with 5 x 15′ presentations each

1515-1530 Fika
1530-1630 Session SWITS/COINS III

  • Working groups
  • (+COINS steering committee meeting?)

1630-1640 Break
1640-1710 Session SWITS/COINS IV

  • Invited presentation

1710-1800 Session SWITS/COINS V

  • Panel: Ask the Professor

1800 Dinner
After dinner activity TBD

Friday 9 June 2017

0900-1030 Session SWITS/COINS VI

  • 2-3 parallel sessions with 5 x 15′ presentations each

1030-1045 Break
1045-1130 Session SWITS/COINS VII

  • 2-3 parallel sessions with 3 x 15′ presentations each

1130 Lunch

1230-1400 Session SWITS/COINS VIII

  • Invited presentation: I moved from Norway to Sweden (or vice versa). Here is what I learned.
  • Summing up of seminar results, future of SWITS and COINS activities
  • End of SWITS/COINS seminar 2017

To register, fill in the registration form:
Registration for SWITS members –
Registration for COINS members


The seminar will take place at the Voksenåsen centre. Wednesday will be a COINS day, and Thursday+Friday will be a joint SWITS/COINS seminar. We have a number of rooms reserved at the centre. Once all rooms are booked, you need to find accommodation elsewhere in Oslo.

SWITS members pay a highly subsidised registration fee, thanks to MSB and COINS. kr. 400 per night for single accommodation, kr. 0 if you share a double room, kr. 0 if you organise accommodation by yourself.

COINS students and their supervisors get coverage for travel (least expensive practical alternative t/r Oslo) and accommodation.

All inquiries can be sent to

ECTS credits

Participating COINS Ph.D. students can obtain ECTS credits that might be used towards the taught component of their Ph.D. programme.

Students need to enrol in “IMT6004 COINS Workshop” at NTNU to be formally allowed to get ECTS credits according to the requirements in the course description. (If you have taken IMT6004 before, you can enrol in “IMT6005 COINS Workshop II” or “IMT6006 COINS Workshop III”.

Please indicate in your registration for funding or by email to if you are interested in enrolling in IMT6004. Students get a transcript from NTNU documenting their participation and then need to present it to their local COINS member institution. All consortium members agreed that participation in IMT600x would be recognised as being eligible for consideration towards the taught component of the Ph.D. programmes.

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