COINS Ph.D. student seminar 2018 (Svalbard)

This year’s COINS Ph.D. student seminar will be held in Longyearbyen (Svalbard), followed by NISK, the Norwegian Information Security Conference.


Tuesday 18/9-2018, Radisson Blu Polar Hotel Spitsbergen


1300-1315 Welcome, introduction, presentation of participants
1315-1415 Lessons learned from doing a Ph.D.

  • Chris Carr, NTNU: How to get (and not to get) a PhD + why you should / shouldn’t travel
  • Andrii Shalaginov, NTNU: Ph.D: “Mission Impossible” or “Roadside Picnic”?
  • Bo Sun, UiB: There is always light at the end of the tunnel

1415-1600 Presentations by the participants

  • Adam Szekeres, NTNU: Towards predicting individual human decision making in the context of IoT security
  • Ali Khodabakhsh, NTNU: Fake Face Detection: A Biometric Approach
  • Jan William Johnsen, NTNU: Identifying Central Individuals in Organised Criminal Groups and Underground Marketplaces
  • Mazaher Kianpour, NTNU: Cyber Risk Quantification for Business and Economic Gain
  • Muhammad Mudassar Yamin, NTNU: Importance of autonomous teams in operation-based cyber security exercises
  • Shukun Tokas, UiO: Language-based mechanisms for GDPR compliance

1610-1650 Life after the Ph.D.

  • Berglind Smaradottir, UiA: Experiences from doing a Phd in ICT at the University of Agder – How to find a job afterwards?
  • Bikash Agrawal, UiS: A journey from PhD to Startup

1650-1700 Election of two COINS student representatives

To register,

  1. register for NISK, then
  2. fill in an application for funding (type of support: “Ph.D. student seminar”).

Please note that owing to flight/hotel capacity, COINS only supports students that attend both the Ph.D. student seminar and NISK.


The seminar will take place on Tuesday afternoon. NISK will start Wednesday morning (until Thursday evening). There are not many places to stay in Longyearbyen, so we suggest to follow the recommendations for accommodation by NISK organizers.

COINS students get coverage for travel (least expensive practical alternative t/r Longyearbyen) and accommodation (COINS+NISK). Students without a regular paper, i.e. none or a poster, get coverage for the NISK conference fee; authors of full papers get funding for the conference fee only if they in addition register for IMT6004. This results from the longstanding COINS policy that presentations of full papers are considered to be in the responsibility of the student’s department.

NISK: You need to wear your COINS t-shirt and/or hoodie and upload a picture of you wearing it at the conference. You need to submit a 2 page travel report on your participation that can be shared with other COINS students and can be published on the COINS website after the event. If you present a poster at NISK, you send us a picture of you presenting the poster with a COINS logo instead of a travel report. If you enrol in IMT6004, you send us an extended travel report detailing the presentations you attended, questions that were asked, and important points from discussions at the conference.

COINS supervisors get coverage for travel (least expensive practical alternative t/r Longyearbyen) and accommodation related to their Ph.D. student seminar participation. COINS does not pay for supervisor attendance or participation at NISK, but you are welcome to book your flight so that you can attend NISK with your own funding.

SWITS students and Ph.D. students from COINS partners get coverage for travel (least expensive practical alternative t/r Longyearbyen) and accommodation under the same conditions as COINS students.
COINS does pay for accommodation and NISK attendance for students that attend both the COINS seminar and NISK, present a poster, wear a COINS t-shirt throughout the NISK conference, acknowledge COINS funding on their poster and document their contribution by two photos of them taken at the conference and by writing a one page report on their seminar participation that can be published.

All inquiries can be sent to

ECTS credits

Participating COINS Ph.D. can obtain ECTS credits that might be used towards the taught component of their Ph.D. programme.

Students need to enrol in “IMT6004 COINS Workshop” at NTNU to be formally allowed to get ECTS credits according to the requirements in the course description. (If you have taken IMT6004 before, you can enrol in “IMT6005 COINS Workshop II” (or “IMT6006 COINS Workshop III”).

Please indicate in your application for funding or by email to if you are interested in enrolling in IMT6004. Students get a transcript from NTNU documenting their participation and then need to present it to their local COINS member institution. All consortium members agreed that participation in IMT600x would be recognised as being eligible for consideration towards the taught component of the Ph.D. programmes.

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