Ijlal Loutfi


Ijlal Loutfi

Ph.D. started in: 2014
Year of graduation: 2019
COINS consortium member: University of Oslo
Supervised by: Audun Jøsang
Links: CristinDBLP
Research area: Secure Software
Project title: Secure and Robust Network-based Systems
Project description: I am in the early stages of my research currently( joined UiO on September 2014), working on fine-tuning my research proposal.

PhD Project Description

The goal of my PhD is to address the problem of how IT systems during runtime can assess, detect, react and adapt to current security threats, vulnerabilities and attacks in order to achieve a certain level of security threat immunity. Elements to be considered as part of this PhD project is the development of models for dynamic risk, the design of redundant security architectures, and the application of formal methods for security design verification. The PhD scholar will be supervised by a team of faculty (see contact information below)

Courses attended:
  1. IMT6002 COINS Winter School (NTNU), 3 ECTS, 2015
Events attended with COINS funding:
  1. ACM SIGOPS Summer School on Advanced Topics in Systems (SATIS’18), Tromsø, Norway, 2018
  2. Summer School on real-world crypto and privacy, Šibenik, Croatia, 2018
  3. COINS Finse winter school, Finse, Norway, 2018
  4. NISK 2017, Oslo, Norway, 2017
  5. Data Science for Cyber-Security, London, UK, 2017
  6. ESORICS 2017, Oslo, Norway, 2017
  7. Secure Cloud Services and Storage Workshop, Oslo, Norway, 2017
  8. COINS Ph.D. student seminar, Bergen, Norway, 2016
  9. COINS Ph.D. student seminar, Stockholm, Sweden, 2015
  10. NDSS, San Diego, California, USA, 2015
  11. FRISC Finse winter school, Finse, Norway, 2015
  12. COINS Ph.D. student seminar, Tromsø, Norway, 2014
  13. NISK, Fredrikstad, Norway, 2014
  14. CTF, hack.lu, online, 2014
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