Ph.D. student seminar

COINS organises a yearly seminar for its student members. The seminar attempts to co-locate with the NISK Norwegian information security conference or the NordSec Nordic conference on secure IT systems when in Norway or Sweden (open to students in the Swedish SWITS network). The seminars focus on social aspects (common meals, excursions, community building activities) to create identification of Ph.D. students with the larger information security research community in Norway.

Supervisors attend only parts of the seminar so that students can discuss all topics, including challenges in academic relationships with their supervisors. The social context has become particularly important in recent years as cultural diversity among students has increased significantly, thus creating both new opportunities and new challenges for building a strong social and academic community.

ECTS credits

Participating COINS Ph.D. students might be eligible for getting ECTS credits that can be used towards the taught component of their Ph.D. programme: Course codes IMT6004, IMT6005, IMT6006 at NTNU.

Requirements for IMT6004: Candidates need to give a presentation on their research at the Ph.D. student seminar and submit a report after the seminar. The report needs to document what questions the candidate were asked during and after presentation and how the candidate responded to them. In addition, candidates need to include in their report a compilation of research methods employed by Ph.D. students from other institutions present at the seminar and answer the question which of the methods candidates consider relevant in the field they work in, even if they have decided not to make use of these methods in their own research.