COINS Ph.D. student seminar 2020 (Online)

This year’s COINS Ph.D. student seminar will be held online, followed by NISK, the Norwegian Information Security Conference.


Monday 23/11-2020

We colocate with NISK. Since NISK moved from Sundvollen to an online conference owing to the COVID-19 pandemic, we also moved online with the COINS Ph.D. student seminar.

1300-1315 Welcome, introduction, presentation of participants
1315-1400 Vivek Agrawal: My Ph.D. journey – based on a true story!
1400-1445 Presentations by the participants

  • Bálint Zoltán Téglásy: Underwater security, safety and authentication
  • Jin Zhang: Assuring Neural Network Robustness for Autonomous Driving Purpose
  • Wrya Kadir: Characterisation of the parameters of maximum weight spectrum codes according to their spread

1445-1500 Coffee break
1500-1600 Presentations by the participants

  • Muhammad Ali Fauzi: How to measure cybersecurity practices of hospital staffs
  • Prosper Yeng: Data-driven approach for modeling and analyzing healthcare security practice
  • Livinus Obiora Nweke: Legal Issues Related to Cyber Threat Information Sharing Among Private Entities for Critical Infrastructure Protection
  • Aida Akbarzadeh: Identifying Critical Components in Large Scale Cyber Physical Systems

1600-1610 Election of two COINS student representatives
1610-1620 Coffee break
1620-1650 Pankaj Wasnik: Yet Another Ph.D. Story
1650-1700 Closing

To register,

  1. Fill in an application for funding (type of support: “Ph.D. student seminar”, financial support 0 NOK)
  2. Register for NISK (not mandatory, but highly recommended); COINS covers registration fees for NISK unless you have a paper accepted at NIK/NISK/NOKOBIT/UDIT, in that case we expect your department to pay for conference registration.



The seminar will take place on Monday afternoon. NISK will start Tuesday morning (until Wednesday afternoon).

All inquiries can be sent to

ECTS credits

Participating COINS Ph.D. can obtain ECTS credits that might be used towards the taught component of their Ph.D. programme.

Students need to enrol in “IMT6004 COINS Workshop” at NTNU to be formally allowed to get ECTS credits according to the requirements in the course description. (If you have taken IMT6004 before, you can enrol in “IMT6005 COINS Workshop II” (or “IMT6006 COINS Workshop III”).

Please indicate in your application for funding or by email to if you are interested in enrolling in IMT6004. Students get a transcript from NTNU documenting their participation and then need to present it to their local COINS member institution. All consortium members agreed that participation in IMT600x would be recognised as being eligible for consideration towards the taught component of the Ph.D. programmes.

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