COINS Steering Committee meeting 2013-12-18

video-conference-webcamDear COINS SC members,
you are invited to participate in SC meeting on Skype. The Steering Committee is the highest body of the consortium, and has responsibility for important strategic decisions, distribution of resources, shaping the budget etc.

Proposed agenda:

  1. Welcome to new SC members
    Pankaj Pandey and Ctirad Sousedik were elected as Ph.D. student representatives for the period 11/2013 to 10/2014.
  2. Agenda
  3. Meeting minutes of the SC meeting in Stavanger 2013-11-18
  4. Status, goals and milestones
    1. Tasks from previous meetings
    2. Admission of students
  5. Review of Ph.D. student seminar
  6. Suggestions from FRISC Industrial Advisory Board
  7. SC members, students, supervisors – how to integrate supervisors better in COINS?
  8. Tromsø Ph.D. seminar/winter school 2014 prior to NordSec, Metochi summer school 2015
  9. Plans for 2014
    1. Student Researcher Grant
    2. COINS at Finse winter school
    3. Common course description for COINS activities, ECTS for COINS
    4. Overview and discussion of existing Ph.D. courses
    5. Sharing of teaching material
    6. Discussion of teaching methods in information security
    7. Ph.D. student seminar
    8. Academic Advisory Board 2014 in Finse (Monday) or in Tromsø with NordSec (Wednesday)
  10. Budget
  11. Report to RCN 1/10-2014
  12. Miscellaneous
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