ES-NIK-2013-11-19NIK is the annual Norwegian Computer Science Conference (Norsk Informatikkonferanse). Einar Snekkenes gave a talk in the session on Pedagogy and Teaching on COINS and its contribution to Ph.D. training in Norway. COINS is the only ICT-related national research school in Norway that receives competitive funding from the Research Council of Norway. The audience was especially interested in admission criteria (COINS welcomes all Ph.D. students in Norwegian Ph.D. programmes working on topics within information security, including but not limited to computer science) and in participating in Capture the Flag competitions (COINS participated in CTF this year, finishing 176th out of 708 teams worldwide).

COINS sponsored participation of its student members at this year’s NIK/NISK/NOKOBIT conference. That contributed to 7 COINS students presenting papers out of the 12 presentations in total at NISK, the Norwegian Information Security Conference.

Slides from the presentation

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