NISK 2020 (Online)

The 13th annual Norwegian Information Security Conference (NISK) 2020 was 100% digital and took place on 23-25 November 2020, co-located with the NIKT conferences.

The aim of the annual NISK conference series was to be presenting new research and developments in the field of ICT security and privacy, and bringing together people from universities, industry, and public authorities. Both national and international contributions by researchers, practitioners, and PhD- and Master thesis students presenting new problems and solutions within topics on ICT security were invited.

COINS supported several students to attend the NISK 2020 online:

  1. Lise Millerjord, NTNU
  2. Bálint Zoltán Téglásy, NTNU
  3. Prosper Yeng, NTNU
  4. Wrya Kadir, UiB
  5. Muhammad Mudassar Yamin, NTNU
  6. Aida Akbarzadeh, NTNU
  7. Merve Bas Seyyar, NTNU
  8. Livinus Obiora Nweke, NTNU
  9. Kelsey Moran, NTNU
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