Norsk Kryptoseminar 2020

Norsk Kryptoseminar took place on Thursday, January 30, 2020, in Kjeller, Norway.

Norsk Kryptoseminar (The Norwegian Crypto Seminar) is an event that was started in 1998. The purpose was to bring together the cryptology environments in Norway to promote theory and practice in cryptology. The seminar was open to anyone who works with cryptology in Norway.

COINS supported seven students to attend the Norsk Kryptroseminar 2020 in Kjeller: Thor Tunge, Bor de Kock, Mattia Veroni, Morten Solberg, Lise Millerjord, Magnus Ringerud, Tjerand Aga Silde and Morten Øygarden. Here is their combined report from the event. A separete report of Morten Øygarden you can find here.

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