The 2nd ZKProof Workshop 2019

Zero Knowledge Proof Standardization Workshop took place in April 10-12th, 2019 in Berkeley, USA.

Zero Knowledge Proofs are a cutting edge cryptographic tool that is starting to see adoption. This breakthrough technology form the basis of several cryptographic applications, improving the trade-offs between data privacy and integrity. Zero Knowledge Proofs allow a prover to convince a verifier that some computational statement is correct without revealing any information except the veracity of the statement. is an open initiative of industry and academia to standardize the use of zero knowledge proofs.

The first day was dedicated to an Research & Industry Showcase of existing work around zero knowledge proofs. During the last two days, there was a Standards Workshop, where participants discussed an initial set of community standards proposed by the community.

COINS supported Tjerand Silde to attend the Zero Knowledge Proof Standardization Workshop in Berkeley, USA.

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