First Nepal Winter School in AI

First Nepal Winter School in AI took place during 20-30 December 2018 in Kathmandu, Nepal.

The school provided students/professionals with the prerequisite fundamentals of mathematics, statistics, programming and paper reading skills required for starting a career in AI research and with an overview of state-of-the-art research in ML and AI.
It also inspired early stage researchers from Nepal and the region to take on challenging high impact AI problems in visual recognition, natural language processing, medical science etc.
The summer school provided a venue for sharing and discussing cutting-edge technological advances in AI among both veteran and young researchers from around the world and created new opportunities for the participants and well as played an important role in democratizing AI by inspiring the next generation of leaders in AI from developing countries.

The Nepal School consisted of series of lectures, lab sessions, and scientific paper reading/writing sessions given by invited world-class experts. The experts included a number of alumni who graduated from the local engineering schools and had good knowledge of the teaching methodology there and the key gaps that need to be filled. The social events (a day hiking and dinner) provided ample opportunities for the like-minded people to network and collaborate.

COINS supported Ashish Rauniyar and Debesh Jha to attend First Nepal Winter School in AI in Kathmandu, Nepal.



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