WICYS Women in Cybersecurity

Took place in March 31st- April 2nd 2016 in Dallas, Texas, USA.

Half of the US workforce is women and yet only 8-11% is in cybersecurity. So, to address the undeniable critical shortage of cybersecurity professionals in this country, it only makes sense to recruit from the other half …. to create opportunities and pathways such that more women can consider cybersecurity as a viable career option! Not to mention the power of diversity in solving complex challenges unique to this field. The WiCyS conference was created out of this common sense. WiCyS has become a community of opportunity/advice/answer seekers and providers, mentors and mentees, speakers and listeners, and most importantly, a community of peers.

COINS supported DijanaVukovic to attend the WICYS Women in Cybersecurity conference 2016 in Dallas. Here is her travel report.

WiCyS poster session presentation_Dijana WiCyS poster presenters_DijanaWiCyS group photo_Dijana

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