Academic Advisory Board

The Academic Advisory Board evaluates the school’s results. It provides guidance to both the scientific director and the steering committee. The board’s members comprise expertise from the Nordic countries, the U.S., and network-based researcher training, as well as women leaders in the field.

  • Prof. Hanne Riis Nielson, Danmarks Tekniske Universitet, informatics graduate school ITMAN
  • Prof. Armin B. Cremers, scientific director of B-IT research school; universities Aachen and Bonn collaborating on eight researcher training areas including IT security
  • Prof. Simone Fischer-Hübner, Karlstads Universitet; SWITS Det svenska nätverket för doktorander inom IT-säkerhet
  • Prof. Eugene Spafford, CERIAS, Purdue University; U.S. perspective on cyber security
  • Mona Elisabeth Østvang, Mnemonic AS; industry perspective

COINS AAB meeting minutes 2015-10-19
COINS AAB meeting minutes 2014-10-15
COINS AAB meeting minutes 2013-04-22

COINS-AAB-20151019Academic advisory board meeting in Stockholm, 2015-10-19: Armin B. Cremers, Eugene Spafford, Urszula Nowostawska (Skype) [Picture taken by Hanno Langweg]