External employers

26 of 101 COINS students have an external employer

All COINS students are enrolled in Ph.D. programmes with one of the consortium members. In addition, they might be employed by another institution. COINS welcomes cooperations with industry and the public sector. Here is a list of employers that are not consortium members, and of the students employed by them:

Ph.D. students with external employer: 26

Ph.D. students employed by consortium members: 75

    1. Martin Aastrup Olsen (Norwegian University of Science and Technology): Fingerprint Image Quaity (graduated: 2015)
    2. Anika Pflug (Norwegian University of Science and Technology): 2D and 3D Ear Recognition (graduated: 2015)
  • Dermalog
    1. Patrick Schuch (Norwegian University of Science and Technology): Representation Learning for Fingerprint Recognition (graduation expected: 2021)
  • Eidsiva bredbånd
    1. Håkon Gunleifsen (Norwegian University of Science and Technology): A communication model of distributed Network Controllers in a virtualized environment (graduation expected: 2019)
  • EyeNetworks
    1. Maghsoud Morshedi Chinibolagh (University of Oslo): Application specific routing for managed wireless access (graduation expected: 2021)
  • FFI
    1. Stian Fauskanger (University of Bergen): New properties of DES and linear cryptanalysis of lightweight cipher with multiple linear approximations (graduation expected: 2017)
    2. Kyrre Wahl Kongsgaard (University of Oslo): data exfiltration detection and prevention (graduation expected: 2017)
  • FFI, NSM
    1. Bjørn Greve (University of Bergen): Secure and low voice communication, and other cryptographic aspects (graduation expected: 2018)
  • HTWG Konstanz
    1. Felix Schuckert (Norwegian University of Science and Technology): Opportunities of Insecurity Refactoring for Training and Software Development (graduation expected: 2019)
  • Hitachi
    1. Takashi Watanabe (Norwegian University of Science and Technology): Preventing side-channel information leakage from display unit (graduation expected: 2017)
  • Hochschule Darmstadt
    1. Pawel Drozdowski (Norwegian University of Science and Technology): Efficient privacy-preserving identification in large-scale multi-biometric systems (graduation expected: 2019)
  • Høgskolen i Oslo og Akershus
    1. Ramtin Aryan (University of Oslo): Software-Defined Networking Policy Conflict Detection: a holistic approach (graduation expected: 2020)
    2. Flávia Dias Casagrande (University of Oslo): Self-learning systems for Assisted Living Technologies (graduation expected: 2019)
    3. Desta Haileselassie Hagos (University of Oslo): Machine Learning Techniques for Computer Security Attack Analysis (graduation expected: 2019)
    4. Ashish Rauniyar (University of Oslo): Towards a Secure, Energy Efficient and Resilient Internet of Things (graduation expected: 2020)
  • Mnemonic
    1. Siri Bromander (University of Oslo): TOCSA (graduation expected: 2020)
  • NR
    1. Ebenezer Paintsil (Norwegian University of Science and Technology): Privacy and Security Risks Analysis in Identity Management Systems (graduated: 2013)
    2. Kashif Habib Sheikh (Norwegian University of Science and Technology): Risk-based adaptive security for internet of things in eHealth (graduation expected: 2017)
  • National Criminal Investigation Service
    1. Jens-Petter Sandvik (Norwegian University of Science and Technology): Digital forensics and resource-constrained, Internet-connected systems (graduation expected: 2020)
  • Oslo Police District
    1. Stig Andersen (Norwegian University of Science and Technology): Investigative quality in digital forensics (graduation expected: 2020)
    1. Yan Li (University of Oslo): A lightweight security risk management approach for web applications and an industrial guideline (graduation expected: 2017)
    2. Maria B Line (Norwegian University of Science and Technology): Managing information security incidents in Smart Grid environments (graduated: 2015)
  • Simula School of Research and Innovation
    1. Siddhartha Kumar (University of Bergen): Secure and Reliable Distributed Storage Systems (graduation expected: 2018)
  • Sopra Steria
    1. Eivind Kristoffersen (Norwegian University of Science and Technology): CIRCit (graduation expected: 2021)
  • University of Rwanda
    1. Joseph Twayigira (University of Agder): Using Mobile Cloud Computing for Crisis and Emergency Management: Securty and Privacy Aspects (graduation expected: 2017)
  • University of Tirana
    1. Edlira Martiri (Norwegian University of Science and Technology): Template protection for multi-biometrics (graduation expected: 2017)