Muhammad Ali Fauzi


Muhammad Ali Fauzi

Ph.D. started in: 2019
Expected year of graduation: 2022
COINS consortium member: Norwegian University of Science and Technology
Supervised by: Bian Yang, Christoph Busch
Links: Cristin
Research area: Security Management
Project title: Modelling Healthcare Staffs’ Mental State to Minimize Cybersecurity Risk
Project description: One of the main threats of cybersecurity in healthcare comes from the insider. Some factors are contributing the insider threats including the staffs’ mental state. In this work, some mitigation strategies are proposed that take account into mental health factor and focused on creating a healthy work environment. Some tasks that would be conducted in this work including stress level monitoring and forecasting, analyzing causal relationship between stress level and security practice, and building Privacy-preserving learning for mental state monitoring and security practice breach.

inform the healthcare organizations and stakeholders about this problem. A literature survey was conducted to understand the effect of the staffs’ mental state and cybersecurity practices. Finally, some initial recommendation on mitigation strategies and the measurement methods was identified and discussed.


  1. Muhammad Ali Fauzi, Bian Yang, Edlira Martiri (2020). PassGAN-Based Honeywords System
Courses attended:
  1. IMT6004 COINS Workshop (NTNU), 1 ECTS, 2019
Events attended with COINS funding:
  1. NISK 2019, Narvik, Norway, 2019
  2. COINS PhD student seminar 2019, Narvik, Norway, 2019
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