Summer School on real-world crypto and privacy 2019

Summer School on real-world crypto and privacy took place in Šibenik, Croatia, June 17–21, 2019.

The summer school was jointly organized by the Digital Security (DiS) group, Radboud University (The Netherlands), ETH Zurich Information Security and Privacy Center (Switzerland) and Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing, University of Zagreb (Croatia).

The school aimed at bringing together Master/PhD students, academics and security experts from industry.
The focus of the summer school was on:

  • Cryptography for the Internet
  • Recent developments in cryptography
  • Systems security
  • Network security
  • Machine learning in security & privacy
  • Physical security & cryptographic implementations
  • Privacy enhancing technologies

This year’s edition included a special one-day workshop on side-channel attacks and countermeasures. The workshop was sponsored by the Technology Foundation TTW (project 13499 – TYPHOON) from the Dutch government. They also had a hardware tutorial and run-time attack tutorial.

COINS supported Åvald Åslaugson Sommervoll and Farzane Karami to attend the Summer School on real-world crypto and privacy in Šibenik, Croatia.

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